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America Gets a National ID | 8

By Irvin Baxter


Americans have resisted a National ID for two hundred and forty years, but those who want to number and track us are relentless. The final deadline for enforcement of a National ID card in America is October 1, 2020. Can it be stopped?


Imposing a National ID by Stealth | 12

By Irvin Baxter


National IDs are all about control. However, we Americans love our freedom. That is why our government is quietly using covert methods to impose a National ID upon us!


Just Ahead: Darkness or Great Revival? | 18

By Rick Brinegar


In the near future, many will pledge allegiance to the Antichrist. Others will remain steadfast in their commitment to Jesus Christ alone. During the darkest days our world will ever experience, the Bible still prophesies a time of great revival!


The Prophetic Significance of the Upcoming Presidential Election | 22

By Dave Robbins


Two major prophecies will likely occur during the term of the next President of the United States. If so, which of the top four presidential candidates is most likely to participate in the fulfillment of these prophecies?

Endtime magazine is a 32-page, full-color glossy magazine, that comes out bi-monthly and explains how current events are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Each subscription will start with the current in-house magazine (pictured). Then, every other month a new issue will be delivered by mail.

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