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Prophecies of Jesus’ First & Second Coming


There were around 100 prophecies foretelling the First  Coming of the Messiah. Jesus fulfilled every one of them. We now 

have over one thousand prophecies concerning the Second Coming. These prophecies provide absolute proof that the Second Coming of Jesus is just ahead! 


Persuading the World to Worship the Antichrist


In the end time, the most recognized religious leader on earth will cause everyone to worship or pledge allegiance to the Antichrist and his global governing system. Do not be deceived!


Paris 2015 Climate Change Summit


From November 30–December 15, 2015, one hundred ninety nations will gather in Paris to discuss the creation of an international agreement to reduce global warming. The problem is–it’s all a hoax! Why all the deception? This is their scheme for leading the world into their dream of one-world government.


Endtime magazine is a 32-page, full-color glossy magazine, that comes out bi-monthly and explains how current events are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Each subscription will start with the current in-house magazine (pictured). Then, every other month a new issue will be delivered by mail.

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