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ISIS in Bible Prophecy

ISIS has seized 75 percent of Syria, 50 percent of Iraq and now controls 40 percent of the Euphrates River from where the 6th Trumpet War will begin. Will the present conflict involving the Islamic State lead the world into WWIII as prophesied in Revelation 9:13-16?

The Patriot Act: Unconstitutionally Spying on American Citizens

Under the PATRIOT Act, both the Bush and Obama administrations have legitimatized warrantless wiretapping, the monitoring of Internet behavior and the bulk collection of phone record metadata of millions of Americans. If key provisions of this intelligence gathering system are renewed, or similar surveillance measures are legislated, it could help facilitate the inception of the most powerful totalitarian state conceived, the one-world Empire of the Antichrist. 

God Miraculously Healed Me of Stage 4 Kidney Disease!

Diagnosed with stage four kidney disease in 2013, Ms. Crosson was preparing to go on dialysis for the remainder of her life. That's when God performed a miracle!

Endtime magazine is a 32-page, full-color glossy magazine, that comes out bi-monthly and explains how current events are fulfilling Bible prophecy. Each subscription will start with the current in-house magazine (pictured). Then, every other month a new issue will be delivered by mail.

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