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  1. When will the Rapture Happen? — Pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib? When does the Bible actually teach that the rapture will happen?
  2. Master Plan of the Dragon — Satan has a plan to control every person on earth, including you. His plan is now far advanced! What is it?
  3. World Government Forming Now — World Bank, World Court, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, World Community, Globalization. The world government prophesied for the end time is forming right now!
  4. Will Islam Rule the World? — Islam boasts over 1.5 billion followers worldwide. Many think the Antichrist will be a Muslim? Will he?
  5. Israel's Future According to Bible Prophecy — Israel is at the epicenter of end-time prophecy. Here is a detailed account of what will happen to Israel between now and Armageddon.
  6. ISIS in Bible Prophecy — Everyone has witnessed the horrors that have been executed by Isis but not everyone is aware of the role Isis is playing in the end time. In this lesson, Irvin explains where Isis is found in the Bible and their role now.
  7. Another Jewish Holocaust Ahead — After Hitler's holocaust, the Jews said, "Never Again!" Sad to say, the Bible prophesies it is going to happen again.
  8. Signposts of the Second Coming —Nine specific signs that we are approaching the Second Coming of Jesus right now.
  9. This Generation shall Not Pass — Jesus said, "This generation shall not pass until all things be fulfilled." We live in that generation right now!
  10. Seeds of Armageddon — The seeds for the Battle of Armageddon were sown on November 29, 2012. What happened on that day?
  11. The Great Tribulation — Jesus said it would be a time of persecution such as never has been before nor ever again shall be. We are seeing events that are preludes to this time of Great Tribulation.
  12. America's God-Given Destiny — Will we forsake Israel, or will we be the friend Israel needs as the whole world turns against Her? America is clearly prophesied in the Bible, and the future destiny of the nation is explicitly foretold.
  13. First Step to Armageddon — This less explains exactly what happened on December 23, 2016, and illustrates why the events of that day will ultimately culminate in the final battle described in the Book of Revelation.
  14. The Final 7 Years — The prophecy of the Final 7 Years is one of the few prophecies we have been given with a specific timeline attached to it. This lesson is dedicated to explaining the prophecy that foretells this final 7 year period and the many prophetic events that will take place.

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